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Since I moved my photography business to Central Oregon, I have had the privilege of photographing a lot of beautiful elopements. They’re so much fun. It’s so fun in those sacred moments to get the bride and groom set in front of a picturesque scene, knowing the result will be stunning. I never used to consider myself an elopement photographer. But, I’ve grown to love it. It’s been a blast connecting with these adventurous couples and finding the perfect locations for them to say, “I do!” I count it a privilege to be a witness as a Bend, Oregon Elopement Photographer. These occasions are meaningful and life-changing.  The bride and groom set against breathtaking landscapes or rugged terrain. And the result, a vision through my lens.

Elopements of all sorts seem extra special. From spontaneous to planned out, each ends in a beautiful union. I love the intimate settings with just the bride or groom or a small crew along. Couples who elope often have a bold spirit about them. It’s so fun to be along for the ride. Their love is full of spunk and they’re ready to get this matrimonial life started as soon as possible. Elopements I’ve shot have reflected the individuals from wardrobe to decor in such stunning ways. Personalities shine in these unique nuptials 

As a Bend, Oregon Elopement Photographer, these shoots keep popping up on my schedule. As a result, I’ve learned a few tricks I’d love to share. Connect with me so you can get started on the elopement journey. I’m so glad I get to be a part of these deeply personal, meaningful occasions.  Below you can view a few of my favorite elopement destinations in or near beautiful Bend. Connect with me anytime if you are interested in scheduling your elopement. 

Best Elopement Locations In Bend

Craig from Watertown and I discuss some of my favorite elopement options in the Bend, Oregon area. Craig is an amazing videographer that works all across the west coast and the world. Go check out his work as well.

Green Rock Wedding Elopement

Green Rock Wedding Elopement in o

Green Rock Wedding and Elopement Venue   A Unique and Peaceful Wedding Venue Green Rock Retreat Resort is a special place to host your wedding or elopement. Located in the high desert of C...


Sparks Lake Elopement

Sparks Lake Oregon Elopement

Sparks Lake Elopements Sparks Lake Sparks Lake is located just outside of Bend, Oregon, and is surrounded by Mt Bachelor, South Sister, and Broken Top. You can drive there from the end of May unti...


Best Wedding & Elopement Photos from 2020-2023

San Francisco Engagement Photos

Over the last three years, I have photographed over 150+ weddings / Elopements and over 200+ Engagement and other portrait sessions. Here is a small sample of my favorites. I am an Oregon-based p...


Crater Lake Wedding

Crater Lake Elopement Photos

Crater Lake Wedding Here is a guide to planning your Wedding at Crater Lake, Oregon. Photos by me and Officiated by Amanda Clair and Company. Eloping at Crater Lake National Park, Oregon: A Guid...


What is an Elopement or Micro-wedding in 2022?

Simple, Sacred Elopements & Micro-weddings Elopements have always been around, steeped in adventure and a deep love. Elopements and now micro-weddings have taken a unique shape after the o...


Oregon Coast Elopement Locations

Oregon Coast Elopement Locations The Oregon Coast is full of stunning landscapes perfect for an elopement location. Elope with the one you love in a romantic spot to remember. Cannon B...


Portland Oregon Wedding Photographer

Portland Oregon Wedding As an adventurous wedding photographer residing in the Pacific NW, Portland, Oregon is one of my favorite spots to capture couples. I love the city vibes and the fact that Por...


Smith Rock Elopements

Smith Rock Elopement Photos

Smith Rock Elopements If you're are at all interested in getting married or eloping at Smith Rock, here is the basic info you may need to know. Smith Rock State Park is one of Bend Oregon’s most pop...


Oregon Backpacking Elopement

Oregon Adventure Elopement

Broken Top Backpacking Elopement If you are wondering where to Elope in Oregon, this is one amazing location. Broken Top Mountian is one hour drive from Bend, followed by an hour-long hike.  ...


Winter Oregon Elopement

Oregon Winter Elopement Photographer

Winter Oregon Elopement Locations I have been an Oregon winter Elopement Photographer since I moved to Bend. Since arriving in Bend I have met dozen of couples that are in love and want to share thei...


Multnomah Falls Wedding

Multnomah Falls Wedding Venue

Multnomah Falls Wedding Multnomah Falls Wedding Kate and Dave traveled from Ohio to Multnomah Falls in Oregon to share their vows at Multnomah Falls for a special wedding day. They chose the base ...


Oregon Elopement

Oregon Elopement Packages

Oregon Elopement Packages I can help you put together your Oregon Elopement Package. I work with several vendors throughout Oregon and would love to help you connect with them. This Elopement was P...


House on Metolius Wedding

Wedding Ceremony at House on Metolius near Bend, Oregon

House on Metolius Wedding - Bend, Oregon The House on Metolius Mary and Brian live here in Bend, Oregon, and they chose House on Metolius for their small intimate wedding or elopement. House on...


Bend Oregon Photographer

Bend Oregon Photographer I am a photographer and I live and work here in Bend, Oregon. Here are some of my favorite small weddings from this year. Simple Bend Wedding Susanne and Jason planne...


Bend Oregon Elopement

Bend Oregon Elopement Smith Rock Sparks Lake

Bend Oregon Elopement Smith Rock Sparks Lake Sarah and Jan traveled across the world to Bend, Oregon, from Germany, to elope at Smith Rock. They had had a hard time deciding between pictures in the m...


Bend Oregon Elopement

Bend Oregon Elopement Small Wedding Places Locations

Bend Oregon Elopement Small Wedding Places Locations Bend Oregon is full of Locations for an Elopement. There are also a ton of places to hold a small wedding. This wedding was held at Shevlin Park. ...


Bend Oregon Elopement

Bend Oregon Elopement Sparks Lake Wedding Ceremony

Sparks Lake Elopement Carly and Danny are from Baltimore, MD and chose Bend, Oregon for their Elopement. After a little internet research decided on a Sparks Lake for their ceremony. Neither of t...


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Oregon Wedding Photographers

I am heading into my 11th year of photographing weddings. Over the past 11 years, I have had to learn how to create beautiful images in the midst of a chaotic wedding day. I have also had to learn ...


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