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Hi, My name is Ely and I have been playing with Cameras since 2006. I have been photographing people for money since 2007. I’m obsessed with trying new gear and learning how to take better photos in this constantly changing industry. Cameras are always getting better and photography trends never cease to change. The one thing that remains the same is that there is always room to learn. This page is dedicated to sharing my thoughts on the gear and software that I have used or am currently using.

GFX 100s Review for Weddings

January 19, 2023
GFX 100s Camera Review The GFX 100s is the best camera that I have ever used. For the last year and a half, I have been using the GFX 100s at weddings, engagements, family portrait ses...


Fujifilm GFX 100s + X100v TravelReview

January 18, 2023

10 days in Iceland with Fujifilm These are my thoughts on the GFX 100s and the x100v cameras from my 10-day tour through Iceland in late April of 2022. Hopefully, this review can help you deci...


Canon R3 Wedding Review

January 16, 2023

Canon R3 Wedding Photographer 6-Month Review     Howdy Photographers,  Here are my thoughts on the Canon R3 after 50,000+ Clicks. I've been using it since June for a variety of...