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I am heading into my 11th year of photographing weddings. Over the past 11 years, I have had to learn how to create beautiful images in the midst of a chaotic wedding day.

Wedding Photography Classes and Business CoachingI have also had to learn how to run a successful business. Combining photography and business skills is essential if you want to continue what you do and enjoy the freedom of self-employment. I have photographed well over 300 weddings (40 plus last year) and have learned how to make over $100k per year.

Most importantly, I love what I do and I love that I get to spend tons of time with my wife and baby girl, and that, for me, is priceless. Below is a rundown of the two types of classes that I will be teaching this year.

2 Hour Wedventure Classes $50

I will be teaching two 2 hour classes at Wedventure’s Workshop Week here in Bend, Oregon on May 6th and May 9th.

Topics I’ll be discussing.

  • Location scouting and how to find locations that work best for you and your clients.
  • Workflow: How to edit a wedding in a day or less.
  • Getting your website to pop up on Google (aka all the SEO tips)
  • Learn how I shoot, and why I love Sony, Canon, and Nikon.
  • How to make money in the wedding industry and keep it.
  • Q&A: You get to ask anything you want to know about how I run my business.
You can Sign up here:
Locations will be announced as dates get closer (somewhere in Bend, Oregon)

Coaching Classes $2000

In addition to the Wedventure Workshops, I will be starting to offer Business Coaching classes. With these classes I will be going into depth with you, one on one, about your personal photography business. You will receive five 2 hour sessions. These meetings are designed to help you better your business and be more successful. Classes can be booked or scheduled year round. They can also be combined into fewer days in necessary. If you are located outside of Bend, Phone consultations are no problem at all.


1st Meeting: Photography (taking photos)

  • How to practice getting good images anywhere.
  • How to prepare for your shoot.
  • Location Scouting.
  • Artificial Lighting.

2nd Meeting: Editing Your Images

  • How to edit your images super fast.
  • How to stay consistent with your editing.
  • How to Deliver your images.
  • How to safely backup your Clients priceless images.
3rd Meeting: Branding and Web Portfolio Audit.
  • Discuss your branding.
  • Look over your website and help you decide how to best represent yourself online.
  • Help choose the best images to put on your portfolio site.
4th Meeting: Marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) tips.
  • -Help you find the best place to spend your marketing budget
  • -Look over your site and Check for SEO errors
  • -Teach a good SEO format for future posts.
  • -How to speed up your website.
5th Meeting: How to Make Money and Save money on your Taxes.
  • Tips for being profitable.
  • How you can make over $100k as a wedding photographer.
  • A rundown on how to pay fewer taxes so you can keep money in the bank.

Questions? Email me at ely@elyroberts.com or Call 541-241-8946.

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