Simple, Sacred Elopements & Micro-weddings

Elopements have always been around, steeped in adventure and a deep love. Elopements and now micro-weddings have taken a unique shape after the onslaught of getaway weddings during 2020. Whatever your reason for wanting to elope, I find these intimate moments so special and memorable. Maybe you want to spend your money on an epic trip somewhere exotic. Maybe you hope to buy your first house rather than a one-day party.

For me elopements highlight the special characteristics that make the couples truly themselves. Some couples don hiking boots and backpacks full of champagne and scrumptious dessert. Other couples find a local spot dripping with sentimentality and say, “I do!” These are simple, sacred moments that are so fun to capture. 

Truth is I love photographing elopements and micro-weddings. I find it a privilege to be one of the few people present at such a monumental moment for your love. If you are considering eloping with your significant other, then I am here to help. Below you’ll find some details I’ve gathered in the last few years of photographing elopements and mini-weddings. Take a look and reach out if I can help make your special moment happen!  

The Appeal of Elopements

We all know that events worldwide in 2020 flipped the world upside down. So many events were canceled or rescheduled with hope. Weddings took a huge dip as the threat of the pandemic made it impossible to gather safely. Couples who planned ahead or wanted to wed in general were faced with a predicament. Should they delay or reschedule their Big Day or elope and get this marital show on the road? One of the unique side effects of such a hard season is that elopements and micro-weddings proved to be a positive solution. 

Many couples across the globe traded in their binders with big wedding plans to elope with the one they loved. Elopements during the pandemic proved to be shining spots in some dark days. Couples were reminded why they wanted to wed and leaned into the adventure of it all. High on mountains, in river-filled valleys, in rain, snow, and shine, couples tied the knot. All in all it was beautiful to see love on display against all odds. 

2022 Elopement Details

Here we are in the year of 2022 with the pandemic taking new shape. We are celebrating in person once again and yet the idea of elopements and micro-weddings are still appealing. In 2022, an elopement is a small, intimate wedding with only 2-10 witnesses. With a wedding crew so small it is brilliant what special things you can do for your Big Day. 

Choose a tropical destination and make a holiday of it. Invite your closest friends to your favorite urban hang to commemorate your vows. Eloping truly means the sky’s the limit. What makes you and your love different from everyone else? Lean into those locations, elements, and characteristics that make you you. As I capture elopements in 2022 and beyond, I love getting to know my couples. Behind my lens I capture their personalities and discover the spark in their love in breathtaking ways. Small festivities give way to surprise shots of authentic laughter and tears. Relationships are beautifully reflected in photographs with your ride or die people.

Adventure Elopements

Being a photographer living in Central Oregon, we are surrounded by landscapes just waiting to be photographed. Cruise through my small town and you’ll see Subarus and SUVs clad with skis or paddle boards on top year-round. Go-bags filled with adventure gear are at the ready far and wide. It is said that the mountains are calling and really we all gotta go. Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could take that spirit of adventure and passion for the great outdoors and infuse it into your elopement or micro-wedding? Well, you can! I call it an Adventure Elopement and I am here for it. So, what is it? 

An adventure elopement in 2022 usually involves hiking a minimum of a 1/2 mile and up to 20 miles to find the perfect, private outdoor location to share your vows. Maybe you’ll choose the sight of your first date or engagement surprise. Perhaps you’ve always loved the raging river and lush green surrounding. The great Northwest is full of epic places to backdrop your wedding adventure. The adventure elopements that I have photographed inspire me in my craft. 

I have always loved hiking and breathing the mountain air with me and my family. But to take a couple to a unique, isolated spot for their nuptial celebration is truly magical. Rather than a popular church or an iconic locale, these spots are sacred. Sometimes we know just where we are headed. Other times we hike until inspiration hits. From REI “gold members” to semi-outdoorsy folks, I would love to capture your elopement or micro-wedding moments. Let the textures and elements around splash the perfect vibe for your vows. I can’t wait to adventure with you! 

Elopements vs. Micro-weddings

Elopements in 2022 can absolutely mean you, your love, and me with camera in hand. Whisper sweet nothings between private vows and I’ll be there to capture it all. Are you planning a wedding and you want to avoid all of the traditional hubbub? When you picture yourself gazing into the eyes of the one you love on your special day, who else is there? If you truly only picture the two of you and maybe your dog, then elope, my friends. That’ll be the perfect fit for you! 

Small weddings with few guests can also be appealing to some. If that’s you, I’m guessing you’d like the audience to be people with close bonds and deep connections to you. Nevermind your dad’s favorite barber and your mom’s quirky aunt, you want to celebrate with your closest friends and fam. Different from a more isolated elopement with little to no invitees, you might be the perfect fit for a micro-wedding

Breaking Down Micro-Weddings

Micro weddings became popular in the year 2020 due to covid restrictions. With wedding plans dashed couples were forced to pair down their invite lists and get creative. At a micro-wedding there are generally 10-20 guests and encompass the elements of an outdoor elopement with a small intimate wedding reception. You can add in your dream flowers and favorite modern decor. Include the musician you’ve always loved and other pieces that show your individuality. 

Yes, bring your family along. Yes, choose your maid of honor and best man to stand beside you. Then, select the few others you want to celebrate with the most. The best part is that with me there everyone else will get a brilliant window into your wedding day via the photographs I shoot. I love photographing micro-weddings because you still get a crowd of witnesses to tear up, then cheer. After the small ceremony in the great outdoors, you also get to party! Food and drink can be incredible and catered to your distinct tastes while still staying on budget too. Invest in the elements that make the day special to you and soak up this intimate time with your closest crew. 

Elopement Planning AND Photography? I got you covered.

Since moving to Central Oregon years ago, I have always loved exploring with my wife and daughter. We’ve hiked the glacial peaks of Iceland, walked the sandy shores of Mexico, braved animal encounters in national parks, and a whole lot in between. Being a photographer for sure inspires me to always be on the hunt for epic spots to capture photos. I definitely have my favorite locations and memorable adventures, but I never tire of finding more. 

In 2020 the pandemic shifted the possibility of photographing traditional weddings. At the time I decided to dive into the world of elopements and micro-weddings. It’s actually been so fun!I love getting to approach what I had always done from a new vantage point. One of the best parts for me is that I get to become friends with my clients and make memories alongside them. Combining my love for the outdoors and photography has been the perfect fit for this unexpected season. With more and more elopements and micro-weddings under my belt, I have learned a few things. In fact, I have created another website to help you plan your elopement. 

Check out my Elopement & Micro-wedding Website

Visit and you’ll find all sorts of resources to help you along. The nature of elopements and micro-weddings lends itself to somewhat simple planning and I honestly love taking care of it for you. From local Vendors I love working with to finding the perfect summer or winter location, I’m your guy. Let me not only photograph your wedding, but also help you secure an officiant, point you towards a gorgeous bouquet, and bring along my favorite videographer too. I am passionate about seeing people in love tying the knot and would love to help you plan your incredible moment of “I do!” Feel free to reach out to me here or on my elopement website to get the ball rolling. I can’t wait to be a part of this momentous occasion for you and yours. 

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