Recommended SD and CF Express Type-B Cards

In this video, I and, discuss memory cards, CF Express type B cards, and solid-state drives. I start by mentioning that Lexar sent me some memory cards to review, including a CF Express type B card. I decided to compare these new cards to the ones I’ve been using. I also talk about my practice of periodically replacing memory cards due to concerns about their longevity, especially since I shoot a lot and often use multiple cameras.

I share the results of the tests I conducted on various memory cards, including Lexar, OWC (Other World Computing), Angelbird, SanDisk, and Sony Tough cards. I compare their read and write speeds, discussing their performance and price points. I mentioned my preference for 256GB SD cards for my workflow.

Next, I discuss CF Express type B cards, which I primarily use as backups and for video work. I compare the performance and prices of Angelbird, OWC, and Lexar CF Express type B cards, with Lexar being the fastest and most cost-effective option.

Towards the end, I touch on the use of external SSDs for editing and recommend a specific model for its speed and affordability. I stress the importance of regular backups and suggest color-coding Thunderbolt cables for easy identification.

In conclusion, the video provides my recommendations and insights into memory cards and SSDs, including their performance and pricing. I also invite viewers to share their favorite memory cards, CF Express cards, or portable hard drives in the comments section and direct them to a webpage for detailed statistics and additional information.

SD Card Test Results

Here are the Megabites Per Second Speed results that I got using AJA and prices will vary over time.


Lexar Silver Pro V60 ($59 – 256GB)($99 – 512GB)

Read 269 MBS (271,270,270,268,268)

Write 137 MBS (136,137,127,137,137)


OWC Atlas PRO V60  ($54 – 256GB)($109 – 512GB)

Read 244 MBS (242,246,244,243,249)

Write 129 MBS (129,128,129,129,129) 


OWC Atlas Ultra V90 ($229 – 256GB) ($499 – 499GB)

Read 277 MBS (278,269,273,269,268)

Write 188 MBS (163,183,201,186,201)


SONY Tough V60($114 on Sale – 256GB)($229 – 512GB

Read 268 MBS (268,268,268,269,268)

Write 102 MBS (88,105,106,106,106)


SanDisk V30 ($199 – 512GB) ($?? – 256GB)

Read 169 MBS (171,168,172,168,169)

Write 88 MBS (79,99,100,67,97)


CF Express Type-B Results

Here are the Megabites Per Second Speed results that I got using AJA and prices will vary over time.

Lexar Silver Pro  ($159 512GB)

Read 832 MBS (835,833,836,832,835)

Write 870 MBS (872,872,868,867,871)


OWC Atlas Pro  ($169 512GB)

Read 648 MBS (648,642,641,656,657)

Write 369 MBS (393,307,384,389,374)


Angelbird AV Pro SE ($109 512GB) 

Read 456 MBS (555,556,556,554,559)

Write 793 MBS (791,793,795,798,790)


Lexar NVME Portalbe SSD

Read 928 MBS (921,927,933,926,934)

Write 901 MBS  (888,904,902,916,899)




Here is the Raid Drive I use for backups and my portfolio. I have a 32TB setup on Raid 5 which gives me good speeds and 24 TB of storage.



Carbon Copy Cloner is my favorite Backup Automation Software.



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