Smith Rock Elopement

Smith Rock is located 30 minutes north of Bend, Oregon, and is a wonderful place to plan your elopement. This particular ceremony took place in October and the weather was perfect.

Alyssa and Andy shared their ceremony with their 4 children, while Chris Lewis officiated their ceremony. After a beautiful ceremony, they set up a nice little outdoor reception and enjoyed some champagne and desserts. I had a wonderful time photographing their day and don’t think they could have picked a better location.

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If you’re are at all interested in getting married at Smith Rock, here is the basic info you may need to know.

Smith Rock State Park is one of Bend Oregon’s most popular Elopement Wedding Location. Probably because the views are so stunning. Once you pull into the parking lot you will instantly be in awe of this natural landscape. You feel like you left Oregon and ended up somewhere in Arizona or Utah. Smith Rock is open to the public (for a $5 parking fee) so if your wedding is small enough it’s the perfect backdrop for an elopement or small wedding.

Things to know. Smith Rock is a State Park so if you have over 20 guests attending your elopement or wedding you will need to contact State Park Manager Scott Brown to obtain a permit. The permits are very reasonable and good to have so your ceremony isn’t interrupted.  Permits max out at 75 guests. There is also an amphitheater available if you are wanting to reserve some space of your own, where you will not be bothered.

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