Sayulita Mexico Wedding Photo

Sayulita, Mexico Wedding

Sayulita Mexico Wedding Photo

Why Get Married in Sayulita, Mexico?

Sayulita, Mexico is a small beach town bursting with colorful energy and a unique feel. Its quaint vibe does not exclude it from having amazing food and drink options. It’s a great wedding venue idea! This rare Mexican find is sure to provide a small surf town feel amidst its culturally rich streets and community. 


The weather is phenomenal. Obviously, a huge plus for weddings is weather that adds to the experience for you and your guests. This specific wedding was in January and we were able to comfortably swim in the pool and soak up the sun throughout all of the wedding festivities. Temperatures hit about 85F/29C degrees on their wedding day. It was a bit warm for a beach hike but well worth it as the party carried on late into the evening at their amazing rooftop reception. 


The beach is beautiful. Sayulita offers a few small beaches within walking distance that are the perfect stunning, sandy backdrop for your ceremony. If you’re looking for an even more remote wedding experience, you’ve got it. Hike up that beautiful wedding dress, kick off those fancy shoes, and invite your guests on an adventure to a secluded beach a pretty little hike away. 


The food is outstanding. From hand-made tacos alongside fresh local fare to hand-tossed pizzas, you’ll find it all here. Cooked with such skill and intention, you’ll get your fill of tasty food as you gather around the tables full of your friends and family.  Not to mention, there are some of the best margaritas I’ve ever had. (I chose Mescal over tequila most of the time-I highly recommend it.) The food found in Sayulita will undoubtedly add an important element to your wedding celebration. 


The location is unique. Tying the knot in Sayulita is the perfect winter escape. Avoid vacation crowds found in other resorts and Mexican towns overrun with tourism. Make your special day simply about you and your crew in a spot with great food, gorgeous beaches, sunny weather, and a whole lot of fun. 


How to Get Married in Sayulita

The short answer. Contact Abby at AE Creative and she’ll help you plan the perfect wedding week in Sayulita.

The long answer. If your wedding is small, start by checking out Airbnbs near town. I would recommend staying within 1.5 kilometers of the town center. A good reference point is my favorite breakfast stop and coffee shop Miscelanea Sayulita. Once you’ve booked an Airbnb, utilize your host for recommendations on finding a chef, musicians, and other resources for your wedding. Depending on the specific location of your stay, you might consider renting a golf cart to get up and down the hills, they can definitely be tiring.

Booking and planning your wedding in Sayulita, Mexico is for sure an adventure, one you and your guests will remember for a long time.


Abby and Phil’s January Wedding

Abby and Phil’s destination wedding was such a special experience for all that joined the adventure. Choosing Sayulita, Mexico guaranteed that their wedding and the week’s festivities were alive with diverse beauty and flavor. The richness was found in home-cooked meals enjoyed around boisterous tables, breathtaking views, and even more in the relationships enjoyed- both new and old.

Below is a full vendor list from Abby and Phil’s wedding that should help fast-track you along your way. I hope it’s helpful as you explore wedding venue ideas for your own special day. 

Exploring Sayulita

This town is vibrant in color and culture. As a photographer with an eye out for the perfect shot, it was a dream. Everywhere I pointed my camera was another stunning scene to take in. From small corners with unexpected charm to sweeping landscapes of rolling waves, I loved getting to experience Sayulita and immerse myself in all it has to offer. My wife and I arrived a little early so we could do some exploring. We discovered the perfect little beach you see in the first image. It is a smaller beach a short hike north of town. Spots like these were around every corner and sold us even more on the appeal of this town.  (Beach Location Link)

The Houses

Abby and Phil rented two out of three houses on Gringo Hill, which is about an 8-minute walk from the town center. These two houses are connected via a gate and were made up of 6 bedrooms. They were absolutely stunning. It was clear that these homes were designed with great intention and creativity. Each bedroom was unique and amazing. With the consistent warm weather, it was perfect that there were two swimming pools and one rooftop hot tub. Two kitchens made it great for cooking for our crew and gave us space to hang out around the delicious fare. The house’s rooftop lounge overlooked all of Sayulita which was truly incredible to take in.

Airbnb Links: Lower house. House with rooftop.



The First Dinner

“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.” -Auguste Escoffier

Abby and Phil were brilliant to hire two local wonder women to prepare dinner and margaritas for us. With thriving jungle vibes outside and the laughter of friends inside the feast was set. The fresh, local ingredients cooked with such skill gave way to flavors that we will all certainly remember. There was such joy and warmth as we all gathered to kick off the wedding week with drinks to cheer in hand. 


Phil’s Birthday

Phil’s birthday happened to fall during the wedding week which was such a fun extra party to add to the celebratory vibe. He and his brothers went on a fishing trip that day and brought back fresh dinner from their haul. Nikol, from Foxtail Bake Shop, hustled around the kitchen to prepare an amazing dinner for all of us. I was lucky enough to watch her cook and help out a little, which was a blast. 

Abby hired a random musician that we met in the town square to play a little for Phil’s Birthday party. He was great. Between the music and fresh food caught by the fellas, Phil’s party was fantastic.

The Wedding Day

The day had finally arrived! Their wedding day started off with a beautiful sunrise and coffee on the top deck. So, pretty much perfection. Next we all gathered for an amazing brunch made by Nickol. They also had someone bring over some fresh coconuts which were delicious. 

There was no oven on sight so Nickol improvised and made her famous croissants on the BBQ.They were just as tasty and enjoyed by all. 

Portrait Adventures

The wedding party took their time getting ready and added all of the special details that made their wedding so uniquely theirs. Once everyone was looking good as ever and wedding-ready, we took some time to wander the streets of Sayulita. This city is stunning. As we walked the cobblestone street I captured portraits set against vibrant colored flags, tropical vibes, and local art showcasing the Sayulita flare. 

The Ceremony

Next, it was time for the ceremony to start. We gathered family and friends, changed our shoes, and all headed on a little adventure to the smaller beach north of Sayulita. This beach was about a 30-minute hike and you make your way through a little bit of jungle. I loved seeing the contrast of fancy wedding clothes set against the backdrop of jungle vegetation. 

After a bit of a hike, we broke through the palm trees and found the perfect ceremony site near the crashing waves. The wedding was just before sunset and we had the beach pretty much to ourselves which was magical. From the ceremony with its intimate feel to the gorgeous surroundings, the wedding was so special. 

The talented, Olivia De La Cruz, provided music for the ceremony which set the tone for this special moment. Marissa, a little local girl,  was the cutest little wedding crasher.

With the ceremony complete it, was time to party! Sun setting, the wedding crew hiked back through the jungle to get the party started. 

The Reception

Abby and Phil hired Pug Band @pugband to play at their reception which was the perfect nod to the pet pug that they have at home. They finished their wedding day off with a bang celebrating on the rooftop late into the night with family and friends.

Every detail of this wedding set in beautiful Sayulita was the perfect celebration of Abby and Phil’s love. I loved getting to experience all that their destination wedding had to offer in its culture and charm. Cheers to your love, Abby and Phil! 

Everyone Involved: 

Photographer: Ely Roberts

Cinematography: Benjamin Edwards (+Parker!)

Chef: Nickol Hayden-Cady, Foxtail Bakeshop+Kitchen

Planner: ae creative 🙂

Invitation: ae creative (I forgot to bring one for photos!!)

Custom Wedding Dress: Utilitu

Grooms Attire: Revolvr

Custom Earrings+Bracelets: Navone

Florals: Flora Amor

Hair + Makeup: Sayulita Bridal Beauty

Getting ready robe: Bespoke Bride

Shoes: Bryr

Rings: Rebecca Overmann, from Esqueleto

Grooms Ring: Esqueleto

Rental Houses: Luci Stays, Casa Dos Chicos + Casa Saturno

Ceremony Music: Olivia De La Cruz

Band: Pug Band @pugband

Calligraphy: My Fair letters

Wooden Luggage Tag: Leemo Designs

Table Runners: Fiesta Love Creations

Napkins: Innate Artisan Shop

Wedding crasher: el Gato

Prayer rock builder!: Marisá

Sayulita Wedding Planning Tips

Here is a talk with me and Watertown Films about planning your wedding in Sayulita, Mexico. Craig at Watertown films has videoed several weddings in the area. Go check out his work HERE:

Sayulita 2022 Family Vacation

Here are some pics of our February family vacation to Sayulita. We rented a house with an amazing view, ate some delicious food, hiked to beaches, and took a boat ride.


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