Portland Engagement Photo Locations

These are some of the best engagement photo locations in the Portland Area.

Serena (owner of Shop the Meadow) and Blake, also a photographer (SLOtography), were visiting from Portland so took a little road trip and found these locations.

Cathedral Park

Cathedral Park is Located just under the St John’s bridge and makes for a stunning backdrop. You can also venture down to the docks and there are a few fun urban areas close by.

Portland Engagement Cathedral ParkCathedral Park Engagement LocationsCathedral Park Portraits

Portland, OR Engagement Photos

Engagement Cathedral Park Dock

A couple pics from the Washington side of the road headed over the Columbia River Gorge.

Best Engagement Photo LocationPortland-Engagement-Photos

Skamania Stone House or Nellie Corser Stone House

This little stone house seems to have two names. Either way, here is where you can find it on Google Maps. The house is covered in moss and tucked just a couple hundred feet off the road in the woods. It would be best to photograph couples here on a cloudy day, if possible.

Nellie Corser Stone House Engagement LocationsPortland engagement LocationSkamania Stone House Engagemnt Photos

Beacon Rock

Just past the stone house, you will find Beacon Rock. And just before the Rock, you will find a beautiful meadow at the Beacon Rock Boat Launch. The boat launch itself has some stunning views of the Columbia River Gorge.

Beacon Rock PortraitsBeacon Rock-Engement Locations PortlandBeacon Rock Engagement PhotosThe Boat Launch

Portland Area engagement PhotosBeacon Rock Boat LaunchColumbia River Gorge Engagement-PhotosEngaged Couple Beacon Rock

We had to take at least one pic when we were crossing back over into Oregon on Bridge of the Gods.

Bridge of the Gods Engagement Photo

Latourell Falls

This little waterfall is pretty much perfect for portraits or a small wedding ceremony. It is easily assessed by car and you can walk right up to the falls for some dramatic photos. Here is where you can find the Parking Lot. During the winter you might want to prepare to get a bit damp and bring a jacket. I also recommend heading to the falls in the afternoon since the light can be a bit softer unless it’s cloudy of course.

Latourell Falls Engagement LocationLatourell Falls EngagementLatourell Falls Portland EngagementOne of my favorite pics from the day.
Latourell Falls Engagement Photos


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