Real life proposal Multnomah Falls Oregon

Real life proposal Multnomah Falls Oregon

Greg and Marrisa’s twin sister, Maddisen, started planning a surprise proposal at Multnomah Falls, in Oregon. They contacted me about photos, and we put together a way for Greg to find me and ask me to take an iPhone photo of him and Marissa at the falls. They were on a trip to Portland from Northern California to enjoy Portland and take a few hikes. The plan we perfectly and I was also able to video their proposal with my second camera on a tripod. I love getting to meet such wonderful couples that are so excited to spend their lives together.

Real life proposal Multnomah Falls Oregon
Multnomah-Falls-Engagement-1002Multnomah-Falls-Engagement-1003Multnomah-Falls-Engagement-1004Multnomah-Falls-Engagement-1005Multnomah-Falls-Engagement-1006Multnomah-Falls-Engagement-1007Multnomah-Falls-Engagement-1008Real life proposal Multnomah Falls OregonReal life proposal Multnomah Falls OregonReal life Proposal at Multnomah Falls Oregon Video


Here is a wedding form Multmomah Falls with Portraits at Latourel Falls. Learn more about this wedding HERE.


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  1. These are so beautiful, Ely. What a darling couple and that you were able to video it also! That will be special to them forever! Great job, Kiddo.