Havasupai Falls

Here are some pics of our Havasupai Falls trip. This would be a great place for an adventurous elopement. Contact me if you want to set up an elopement package.

Havasupai Falls

Abby and I hiked Havasupai Falls mid-May of 2015. We beat the heat and the crowds by a couple of weeks. Havasupai Falls is located two hours northeast of Kingman, Az and is a 10-mile hike with a few thousand-foot descents, into the canyon. We stayed two nights and paid around 160 bucks (prices may change) for the both of us (when we reached the bottom), for permitting a campground. If you don’t make phone reservations, the price is double, and there is a chance you may be turned away. Here is their official site CLICK HERE. I highly recommend hiking in and taking a helicopter out for the extra 85 dollars (prices may change), mostly so you can spend more time at the falls. Below are some pics of the amazing water, green trees, and red rock. If you have any specific questions about the falls, feel free to contact me.

Havasupai Falls

We drove about 13 hours to get near the trailhead.Havasupai Falls We stayed our first night at the Caverns Inn, which is about an hour from the trailhead parking. It is in the middle of nowhere and much closer than Kingman, so you can get an earlier start.Havasupai FallsHavasupai FallsHavasupai FallsHavasupai FallsHavasupai FallsHavasupai Falls

We had to park 1/2 a mile from the trailhead, so I dropped Abby and our gear off and jogged back. Havasupai FallsHavasupai Falls

You can pay to have these guys take your stuff down and back up, or you can go by helicopter for $85 bucks each way.(prices may have changed. Havasupai Falls

The helicopter lands at the reservation which is 8 miles in and 2 miles from the campgrounds. Havasupai FallsHavasupai FallsHavasupai FallsThis the first big fall, great for swimming. Best to swim when the sun hits the canyon around noon-2pm in May.Havasupai Falls

Here is an unedited video.

Havasupai FallsHavasupai FallsWe got a campsite between two rivers. It was shaded, private, and peaceful. Havasupi-Falls-1745Havasupai FallsBrought me some HoneyCo Coffee and my new Cafflano coffee maker. Havasupai FallsHavasupai FallsHavasupai FallsThe Benchmade Contego is the ultimate outdoor folding knife.
Havasupai FallsPretty much what i like to eat when I’m home too. Havasupai FallsThere is free spring located in the campgrounds, which span almost a mile between two falls. Havasupai Falls

Mooney Falls  is almost 200 feet tall. Havasupai Falls

No joke, this decent is really scary.

Havasupai FallsHavasupai Falls

You start your decent through a small hole in the rock.Havasupai FallsHavasupai FallsHavasupai FallsYou come out to a very steep cliff with several chains to hold on to. It is mostly always wet from the falls and when there are groups going up and down, it can be really slow when passing each other. Havasupai FallsHavasupai FallsHavasupai FallsHavasupai FallsWe hiked to Mooney Falls pretty early, so it was less crowded and easier to climb down.
Havasupai FallsHavasupai FallsMost of the bridges were very simple and scary. Havasupai FallsHavasupai FallsThere are a few points past Mooney Falls that you had to pass through the water. Havasupai FallsHavasupai FallsHavasupai FallsHavasupai Falls

This is called the Green Room and there are lot’s of grape vines on the canyon floor. Havasupai FallsHavasupai FallsHavasupai FallsHavasupai FallsHavasupai FallsHavasupai FallsHavasupai Falls

after about 5 miles downriver you reach Beaver Falls, which are mellow and great for laying in the water. If you keep going you will end up at the Colorado River. Havasupai FallsHavasupai Falls

We got back to Mooney falls around 2 pm and it was much more crowded. Havasupai Falls

Havasupai FallsHavasupai Fallslooking 200 feet down Mooney Falls. Havasupai Falls

After one whole day and two nights of camping we left camp around 6:30 am, once there was enough light to pack up camp. Havasupai FallsHavasupai FallsThe last of the 10 miles is the hardest.Havasupai FallsHavasupai FallsNext, we headed to Vegas to hang by the pool and have a nice dinner. Havasupai Falls


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  1. I’m stunned that anyone could see the abuse and neglect of some of the pack animals and still tout the “beauty” despite the obvious violence.