Five Pines Wedding

Five Pines Lodge Wedding

Five Pines Wedding

Here are some reasons to choose Five Pines Lodge For your Wedding.

Have you ever dreamt of having a winter wedding with the snow providing the perfect backdrop and white theme for your special occasion? If yes, you should consider having your wedding is the Five Pines Lodge which is located in Sisters, Oregon.

The lodge is located in Central Oregon making it one of the most accessible prime wedding venues in the State. Located in an area that has towering Ponderosa pine trees, this venue can also be lush wildflowers and other well-manicured flowers in the summer months which will set the stage for a beautiful day.

At Five Pines Lodge, there is no shortage of locations where you can share your vows. There are several different beautiful well-maintained indoor and outdoor spaces where a ceremony can be held, depending on what type of location you are looking to tie the knot. These spaces have a wide capacity and most of them can accommodate over 200 hundred guests.

On choosing to get married at this venue, Nic and Desirea were not worried about having to seek outside catering for the attending guests. In the lodge, there was a full-time highly trained staff capable of whipping up the most delectable cuisines. Additionally, the couple has access to some of the finest and most exceptional vintage wines that the surrounding states offer.

Being relaxed on the day of the wedding is highly recommended as this helps one to ward off any anxiety and pre-wedding jitters. On their big day, couples can be treated to a luxurious facial, manicure and massage from an on-site spa located in the precincts of the lodge.

Five Pine Lodge had nothing but the best accommodation for your wedding party and guests. Located deep in the heart of the serene pine forest, there are several amazing and cozy wooden cabins; a perfect location to warm up by a fire. The cabins have top-of-the-range amenities including a fireplace with a merrily crackling fire and a sunken tub.

Preserving memories of the wedding is important as it freezes time most indelibly. The lodge proved to be the perfect location for portraits, not only because of the snow backdrop but also because of the beautiful ponderosa forest that surrounds it.

When choosing to celebrate their wedding in this intimate location, Nic and Desirea were first informed of the different elopement and wedding packages offered at Five Pines Lodge. The wedding packages included the Special wedding package (for ceremonies held in March, April, and November), The Evergreen wedding package (for weddings held in January, February, May, October, and December) and the Meadow wedding package (for ceremonies held between June and September).

As they wanted a winter-themed wedding with plenty of snow, the couple chose the affordable Evergreen wedding package. Between December and February, it is common to see snow on the grounds of Five Pines Lodge.

Some of the complimentary services that the couple received during their stay in the lodge included complimentary beverages such as wine and beer on each night, deluxe tea and coffee service daily, access to an athletic club, free Wi-Fi and access to outdoor lawn games facilities. They were also informed that there are a seasonal outdoor heated pool and seasonal bike rentals.

At the end of their stay, the couple was convinced without a doubt that the Five Pine Lodge Oregon is the best wedding venue destination. To date, the memories they created in this intimate location remain to embed and etched in their memories.

If you are at all interested in having your wedding here, click the link to contact the Five Pines Lodge staff today.

March Wedding

Rudy and Trey were married at Five Pines Lodge in the beginning of March.

Officiant: Rev Chris Lewis  541-350-9054

Venue/Dinner: Five Pines Lodge

Five Pines Wedding Five Pines Wedding ceremony location Five Pines Wedding Ceremony Five Pines Wedding reception

December Wedding

Nic and Desirea were married in this picturesque wedding venue in December. Their experience was nothing short of magical. Though December is a winter month, on their special day, the temperature never exceeded 29 degrees. Although it was cold, it was the winter wonderland they were after. What makes the Five Pines Lodge magical and why was their experience magical so memorable and magical?Five Pines Lodge Winter Wedding

Five Pines Lodge Winter Wedding Five Pines Lodge Winter Wedding Five Pines Lodge Winter Wedding Five Pines Lodge Winter Wedding Five Pines Lodge Winter Wedding Five Pines Lodge Winter Wedding Five Pines Lodge Winter Wedding


Megan and Andrew

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