Bend Oregon Wedding Venues

Here are the best wedding venues that Bend, Oregon has to offer. These venues offer almost everything you need from a Ceremony Site to a Reception area. Some offer food and drinks and a few are DIY locations.

Pronghorn Resort

Pronghorn Resort Cave Ceremony

Pronghorn Resort is located northeast of Bend and is surrounded by thousands of beautiful Juniper trees.

Ceremony Site? Yes. You can have your ceremony on an island or at the entrance to a giant cave.

Reception Site? Yes. There are indoor and outdoor options. Most outdoor weddings are held since the weather in bend can be very unpredictable.

Food/Drink? Yes. Their menu is amazing.

Lodging? They just finished their beautiful hotel called the Huntington Lodge. Their rooms are very modern and quite large.

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Brasada Ranch

Brasada Ranch Wedding Photos

Brasada is a rustic ranch-style venue located in Powell Butte, just 30 minutes east of Bend. It is a bit of an oasis in the high desert.

Ceremony Site? Yes, Brasada has a few options all of which have a stunning mountain backdrop.

Reception Site? They offer both indoor and outdoor locations. The Barn and the Range are both great options.

Food/Drink? Yes. Amazing menu and drinks.

Lodging? You can rent several different size cabins. You can check them out HERE

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Suttle Lake Lodge

Suttle Lake Lodge Wedding

Suttle Lake Lodge is nestled next to the edge of Suttle Lake and basically as cozy as it gets. They only old weddings in the Spring and Fall.

Ceremony Site? Yes. Always held outdoors, either by the beach or in the woods.

Reception Site? Yes. Receptions are all outdoors and most commonly held under a tent.

Food/Drink? Yes. You’ll find flat iron steak and trout most of the time.

Lodging? Yes. You can stay in the Lodge, Rent a large cabin, or rent a small simple cabin with shared bathrooms. All of which are super fun and cozy.

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House on Metolius

Wedding Ceremony at House on Metolius near Bend, Oregon

House on Metolius is hidden in the woods and located near Camp Sherman, Oregon. It is a one-of-a-kind location and this place is nothing short of magical. They have an amazing view of three Finger Jack and the Metolious river cuts right through their beautiful meadow.

Ceremony Site? Their property is quite large so there are several outdoor locations to choose from.

Reception Site? There are only outdoor locations but they are all stunning.

Food/Drink? DIY and BYOB.

Lodging? Yes. There is the main house which is quite large and a couple of other homes that are available.

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Five Pines Lodge

Five Pines Wedding

Ceremony Site? Most ceremonies are held outdoors. If the weather doesn’t permit an outdoor wedding then their indoor reception is an option.

Reception Site? Most of their weddings are held in their cozy indoor space.

Food/Drink? Yes. They have a wonderful staff and great food and drinks.

Lodging? The cabins here are really fun and there are a lot of them.

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Black Butte Ranch

Black Butte Ranch

Black Butte Ranch has the best Mountian view in town.

Ceremony Site? Their lawn is the best place to hold your ceremony and probably the only option.

Reception Site? Black Butte Ranch is currently building a new Venue. You can see their renderings HERE

Food/Drink? Yes. They have a great staff and offer it all.

Lodging? There are cabins for rent nearby.

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Sunriver – The Great Hall

I feel like the Great Hall needs no introduction. This building was built a long time ago. I can’t remember how long ago but it stood the test of time and is pretty darn cool.

Ceremony Site? Sunriver offers ceremonies in the beautiful Great Hall and out on their law. Both locations are great.

Reception Site? Most receptions are held in the great hall, but when the weather is nice they will set up out on the lawn.

Food/Drink? Yes. they have an amazing chef and their drinks always look amazing.

Lodging? The lodge is really nice and there are hundreds of rental homes in the area.

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Aspen Hall

Aspen Hall is owned and operated by Bend Parks and Recreation and as its name suggests it is surrounded by a little Aspen Forrest.

Ceremony Site? There are two main outdoor locations and if needed you can set up inside.

Reception Site? Most receptions are held inside and the patio is a great spot for cocktail hour.

Food/Drink? DIY and BYOB.

Lodging? None

Hollinshead Barn

Bend Oregon Winter Wedding Hollinshead Barn Photos

Hollinshead Barn is another building owned and operated by Bend Parks and Recreation.

Ceremony Site? There are two indoor rooms the first floor is usually used for the reception and the upstairs for ceremonies. But the choice is yours.

Reception Site? They do have a bit of patio and outdoor space available for warmer days.

Food/Drink? DIY and BYOB.

Lodging? None.

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Rock Springs Ranch

Rock Springs Ranch Bend Wedding Venue

Rock Springs Ranch is a hidden gem. It’s about 15 minutes outside of Bend and houses a conference center and several cabins for family and guests.

Ceremony Site? Most ceremonies are held by the pond on the dock.

Reception Site? they have a pretty large Indoor Conference and a really nice outdoor patio. You can also setup

Food/Drink? DIY and BYOB. Kitchen on site.

Lodging? Yes. Multiple cabins are available.

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Tetherow Golf Club

Tetherow Ceremony

Tetherow Golf Club is a wonderful resort on the West side of Bend.

Ceremony Site? they have a wonderful outdoor ceremony site and things can be moved indoors if the weather turns bad.

Reception Site?

Food/Drink? They have a great menu and make some really good cocktails.

Lodging? There are several homes for rent on the property.

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Pole Creek Ranch

Pole Creek Ranch Wedding

Pole Creek Ranch is an amazing property in Sisters and had some mind-blowing views of the Cascades. They just started offering events and I can’t wait to see more weddings out here.

Ceremony Site? There are too many to choose from.

Reception Site? There are multiple outdoor locations around the property.

Food/Drink? DIY and BYOB.

Lodging? There is one house on the property.

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